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This Adventure, Our Life: April 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Month 6

Dear Bailey,
As I write this time I am having a harder time accepting that you are already 6 months!  Time flies little one, but I would not change the last 6 months for anything in the world.  You are an amazing little girl, do you know that?  You are very full of personality, so much more than last month even.  Your Daddy and I really enjoy your giggles, smiles, kisses, and you even started hugging us, the big bear type of hugs where you open your arms wide and wrap them around us!  We both agree that one of our favorite things in our day is you always, without a doubt give us a smile every single time we meet eyes with you.  It is truly amazing and we love that about you.  Your laugh to us is the most beautiful sound in the world.  You have been trying very hard to crawl, and everyday we say any day you will be moving everywhere!  You were sitting up last month, but this month you are sitting up with much more stability.   You can already spin 360 degrees (which your Dad is very proud of) and crawl backwards, we were very impressed with this one.

Your social interactions are amazing.  You love to smile at everyone who will look at you, you flash that cute smile and then we have another group of people around us.  Speaking of that, we can not have one outing to this day, where we do not have people stopping your Dad or I telling us how beautiful you are, ohh and telling us to buy a shotgun to ward off the boys later, much later we say (yes, we have had this comment from about 10 people, funny).  Your  expressions are changing and you are beginning to "voice" concern for your likes and dislikes.  You are very strong willed and know what you want at all times.  We find your tantrums quite amusing, for now.  You now know how to blow raspberries, and when you are bored, that is exactly what you do!!  Bailey, you talk up a storm, soo many new words... you still say Mom Maaa and you even reached for me as you said it, maybe a coincidence, but it melted my heart into pieces non the less.  You also started to say "b" words like baaaa, lots of "m" words, "n" words, and ahhhs!  We love to hear your little voice and we love to have little and big conversations with you.

You are growing big, yet you are still small.  I love that you still fit perfectly in my arms, but I think you always will have a huge spot there.  We started solids for 3-4 days, then stopped, it just was not time yet.  We have introduced you to water, we gave you a sippy cup which you kind of know how to use, but you much prefer a regular cup.  You enjoy taking drinks of Mom's water!  You continue to nurse like a pro, I enjoy that time with you.  You are cloth diapered and cloth wiped, everyday.  You are now fitting in 6-12 month sizes, although your pants are still more like a 3-6 month size.  I feel a little sad every time you change sizes, just a reminder again that you are growing up.  Do not grow up too fast our little baby.

Bailey, you love to be held, not just sometimes, but ALL the time.  We love holding you Bailey, we know this time is short, and you will not want to be held later (and if you do, we will always be here).  We try to encourage a lot of floor time, and you are practicing your many skills, you love toy balls.  This month you have actually grown to love toys, and playing.  You are grabbing at everything in your sight.  You are so curious about the world and many people have commented since you were born how alert you are.

It is really hard for us to believe that you are already 6 months, that you are halfway to being 1 years old.  Just 6 months ago you were in my belly, and we both were excited for you to be here.  It really does feel like you have always been with us, We do not know life without you anymore.  We have many thoughts and dreams for you Bailey, but we are trying to just enjoy you now, you are the most beautiful little girl.  Your Dad and I love you more than words can say.  We hope you know this, always.

We love you to the moon and back,
Daddy and Mommy

These are the photos we took at home (your 6 month photos are coming very soon)!!

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A Picture Trip to Costa Rica

I will write about some of the adventures we had in Costa Rica a while back, but today, a small picture trip of the beauty we experienced while there, I want to go back.  Here are just a few of hundreds of photos...

Ohh, to be there again... Dreaming...

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Diaper Bag Spit Up, really...

I walked into the kitchen the other day to find this:

I think that my husband was trying to nicely tell me that the diaper bag is out of CONTROL!  Yep, I agree, how much stuff can we put in there, really?!  It looks like a mess, but I assure you everything is in piles with other things like it.  I think I walked into the kitchen and just laughed, asked my husband why the diaper bag "spit up" all over the table?  I mean, I think I have enough spit up with Bailey!  Right?  He then told me he was organizing it so I could decide what stays and goes, and he was hoping some of it would go because he could not find anything when changing her diaper, go figure, what a mess!  Now, I am happy to report we have a clean and clutter free diaper bag, thank you husband!!

Is your diaper bag or purse out of control?  Oh yes, and my purse, another story...

Sorry to anyone who has trouble leaving comments and it not working, I currently do not know what is wrong or how to fix it :(!!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guest Blogger: Suzanne from One of a Kind

Today Suzanne joins us from One of a Kind here to share her adventures with cloth diapering.   She has two very handsome boys, one of which is Bailey's little boyfriend :)!  Check out what she has to say about cloth diapering and then hop on over to check out her blog.  We will be wrapping up our cloth diapering series in the next week and you will not want to miss what is to come (hint: a MORE THAN COOL giveaway!). 

How long have you been cloth diapering and how old is(are) your Child(ren)?
I have been cloth diapering since early February, so just under 3 months.  My kids are 27 months and almost 7 months. 

What, if any, were your fears/ misconceptions before cloth diapering?
For me, it was really about the time involved.  It is hard enough to keep up with regular household chores and laundry for four people, I didn't think I could handle the extra work.  

What convinced you that you should cloth diaper?
Having my second baby.  I realized that if I could handle a house, a two year old, and a baby, there was no reason why we couldn't throw in some extra laundry.  And, after using disposables on my first son for two years, I just got so sick of looking at all that trash.  It just felt so wasteful.  

What is your best advice about starting cloth diapering?
Talk to others who are using them.  Try some out before you buy.  I was lucky enough to be able to borrow some from a friend for about a week.  I got to try out different types of diapers on my boys, see what worked best, and found out how easy the process was.  It also showed my hubby (who wasn't so sure about it) that I was serious, and that it wasn't too bad after all).  If you can't try them out, then just talk to anyone who uses them.  Or read some blogs like this one that show you first hand how everything works!  

Were you intimidated? Is there anything that still intimidates you?
Nope, not at all.  Luckily I don't mind dealing with lots of poo!

Why do you prefer cloth diapers over disposables?
So many reasons.... less trash, never having to go to the store for diapers, better for the environment, easier on baby's sensitive skin, and they are just so cute too!  

So far, what’s your favorite brand(s) and why?
I use both Bum Genius One Size diapers and Flips.  I love them both for different reasons.  The BG's are just so easy.  Just stuff them ahead of time, then put them on and go.  Grandparents and dads love them because they  are so simple.  The only downside I think is that they are a bit bulky.  The Flips are great because they are a little more slim fitting.  Also, less laundry because you reuse the cover all day and just change the insert.  They can get messy with poo though.

What would you tell someone who is skeptical of cloth diapering?
Just try it!  A lot of websites offer a 30-90 day guarantee so if you don't like it you can return them.  Most likely, you won't! 

What’s the best part about cloth diapering?
I know it's silly, but the best part is how super cute they are.  I have boys, and I don't get to dress them up much.  It's fun when I can put on the bright colored diapers, and maybe some baby legs to go with them. 

Do you find them harder, easier or the same to use as compared to disposables?
I wouldn't say harder, just maybe a little more time consuming. But not much.  They take a little planning ahead for outings, etc.. and so you don't run out of clean ones!

Do you have any funny cloth diapering stories to share?
I can't think of a thing!  Probably since I've only been doing it for a few months...

What is your cloth diapering routine?
I keep a wet bag in my baby's room, and another small one out in our living area that I empty into the big one ever night.  Every 2-3 days, or whenever I almost run out, I wash them.  I have a very old, very ghetto washer and dryer..... so I run one cold wash with soap, one hot wash with soap, and one short warm rinse.  Then I throw everything in the dryer.  If the timing is right I hang dry them outside, but since I am usually washing at night, they go in the dryer.  
Do you have any tricks, shortcuts or fun information about cloth diapering?
A tip if you are diapering two kids at once.... buy one size diapers!  Both my BG and Flips are super easy to size quickly.  It makes it easier to just be able to grab a diaper for whichever kid needs it and put it on without trying to find a specific size.   

What is a must have when you are cloth diapering?
I love my combo wet/dry bag from Planet Wise.  It has a pocket for clean diapers, and a wet bag pocket for the dirty ones.  Makes my life SO much easier!  
How is the husband handling the cloth diapers?
He is doing well, as long as I handle the majority of it, but that was our plan from the beginning.  He is very supportive of my decision, a bit slow to convince but once he saw how easy they are he was all for it.  

Have you had any funny comments when cloth diapering?
Not funny comments, mostly everyone is just really interested in it.  Friends, family, etc.. just want to know how they work.  They want to know why I made the switch.  Everyone is really curious, which is great!  I love to show them off.

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Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

We decided to take Bailey to the Zoo for the first time...

Where we saw Lions...


And Bears...Oh My!!

We enjoyed a great time together, as a family

(Bailey was a little tired in this photo!)

We both enjoyed showing Bailey all the animals, colors, sounds and plants around the zoo!

Bailey really liked all the animals, especially the ones that move around and of course the ones that make noise!!  ROooAaaR!!  EEHHH, eeehhh, ooohhhh, ewww!

Bailey loved these guys, maybe her favorite animal!

As much as she loved all the animals, she loved playing with Daddy more...

At the end of the day, we had a tired little baby, who had experienced all the animals, and loved the zoo.  Can not wait to go again!!  
Bailey we hope you liked your first trip to the zoo, little one!!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Marvelous Mondays-The beautiful sky

I am always thankful when I see these...
They make me think of many things.
When I was a child and thought that there was an end of the rainbow, with a pot of gold.
They make me think of happiness and new beginnings.
All the beautiful colors, each created.
They make me think of happy times.
A picture does not do this justice.
I can not help but smile when I see these.
This was Bailey's first rainbow, I hope we see many more.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life Changes Perspective...

Life Changes Perspective
Bailey has changed the person whom I was in very many ways.
I think about her all the time.
To me, thinking about her all the time, is well, natural.
I do not think a moment goes by where she does not pass my mind.I thought about before she was born, before I was pregnant with her,
I really did not worry about anyone.
I could leave and it was just me, of course, with my husband and family on my mind.
Now, things have changed, my mind has shifted.
Everywhere I go and everything I do, I am thinking about her.
I would not have it any other way.
This is my life.
She is mine, mine to care for, mine to love, and protect.
I worry about her, want to protect her from harm, want to love her forever.
I can not imagine not thinking about her.
I think about happiness, Bailey continually is my thought.
I am a Mom, I do not think there will ever be a day where she is not on my mind.
I do not think I will ever not worry about her.
There will never be a day that I do not love her.
She will always be on my mind, and that is my happiness.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Your details...

Your eyes are amazing, I look at them everyday.
When I am gazing into your eyes I can not help but stare at your eyelashes.
They are long and dark, I love how you blink them.
A feature that you were born with.
The first time I laid my eyes on yours, I saw your eyelashes.
Beautiful perfection.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh how I love these...

One of my favorite things that my Mom made when I was younger was Nanaimo Bars.  If you have not had these bars, you are missing out and should go and make them!!  Really...I think they are like fat and calorie free by the way, in case you are concerned...

Here is how you make them: 

Ingredients and Directions:
3/4 C butter
1/4 C granulated sugar
1/3 C Cocoa
1 t vanilla
1 egg
2 C graham cracker crumbs
1 C flaked coconut
1/2 C chopped walnuts (optional)
2 T instant vanilla pudding mi
3 T milk
2 C confectioners sugar
3 squares semi-sweet chocolate (1/2 C chocolate chips)
1 T butter

1) Melt 1/2 C butter in saucepan.  Blend in sugar, cocoa, vanilla, egg, crumbs, coconut, and nuts (if using).

2) Press mixture into a 9" square pan

3) Cream 1/4 C butter until light, add dry pudding mix, milk, and conf. sugar.  Blend well.
4) Spread mixture on top of crumb mixture and chill thoroughly.

5) Melt chocolate with 1 T butter, stirring to blend.  Spread over chilled mixture.  Chill, cut into bars.

6) ENJOY and SHARE if you can!!

We decided to share our batch and I think everyone enjoyed them!!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Innocence

The innocence of children is a beautiful thing.
Bailey, I love to look in your eyes and I see the whole world in them.
I see peace, beauty, and love.
You do not know yet what is in the world around you.
Sometimes I am excited to see you grow up, and sometimes I am scared.  
Scared at the world, and the people that could hurt you.
Then I look around and I see how many people in this world that are good.
Nice and loving people.
Right now, at this moment,
all you know is LOVE.
And for now, at this moment, that is all I want you to know baby girl.

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