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This Adventure, Our Life: The Measure of a Day

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Measure of a Day

I used to think that a day was measured by how much I accomplished
What I did, what I checked off, how many hours I worked
It was about getting chores done, that needed to be done at the time
Have to was a word that was in my daily vocabulary
If I did not get the things on my list accomplished I was unproductive
Unproductive, not fulfilled, my day was measured by what I could get finished

Then I had you, and right away I figured out that a single day
can not be measured by what I have checked off on my "to-do" list
A single day can not be measured in working hours
Productive days are not always full of have tos, per say
A day is not measured by what I can get finished

The measure of a day to me is the happiness I have in that day
More importantly the happiness you have in that day
A day where we may not get anything done, but you are smiling
A day that we do not have "have tos" but rather "want tos"
The measure of a day is smiling, laughing and loving

The measure of my day is you knowing you are loved
Knowing that you are wanted, needed, cared for, for always
My day is measured in your happiness, your joy, loving you
A day that sees production, as time well spent together, nothing is better
The measure of a day, month, and year, exists because of you

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