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This Adventure, Our Life: October 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Being Pregnant...All 278 days so far...

Before we have Bailey I wanted to write about our journey and being pregnant, so that someday Bailey could read about her story and how much her parents wanted and love her already!  I am going to try to re-count everything with words and pictures so we will see how this goes...

We decided that we wanted to try to get pregnant, it was just time, we both wanted children and maybe the timing was not perfect, but it felt right.  It was a bit of a hard time, I had just had the company I was working for shut down and Tony was switching jobs, but hey, we like to live on the edge!  Oh yeah and we were moving and my Dad’s office was moving!  Well the morning of February 21, 2009 we got up for our big move day for our house, I was throwing up.  We thought well maybe but this is too soon, and plus I had been really stressed, packing, and preparing.  Everything was arranged, organized, and ready to go.  The movers were coming, people were coming to help us, and well sick or not here we go!  Moving went great and the next day we went over to Target and bought a test.  Sure, enough we were pregnant, and so our journey begins.  We were both soo excited, I can not describe our feelings were were happy, scared, and overjoyed all at once!  We took this picture and I think it describes in a silly way how happy we were!  After all, we were having a baby!!

We had our first Doctor’s appointment at 8 weeks, then we decided to tell everyone (which we wanted to wait another couple of weeks to do-but people unfortunently started guessing...). Telling everyone was a little bit of a relief, I mean I started to have the nausea hit in at about 8 weeks, and I was tired!!  We got to have our first ultrasound at 9.5 weeks, we were VERY excited!!  It was excellent to see and hear the baby heartbeat, it made everything REAL!

This is where you got your name peanut, because that is what you looked like, but we loved you!    May 8, 2009 was the first day I felt you moving around in my tummy, you felt like bubbles, popcorn popping, or a goldfish swimming in my belly, I just remember being in the car and I just got the biggest grin on my face, I was 15 weeks pregnant.  I remember around this time we were very anxious to know whether you were a baby boy or a baby girl.  I really thought you were a girl, and your Daddy also thought you were a girl, although 2 weeks before the ultrasound we both did not know, so we kept changing our minds.  Mother’s Day this year was very special, it made me think about being your Mommy, as well as how amazing my Mommy is!  I love her very much and she is my best friend.  I hope I will get to have a great Mommy daughter relationship.  Your Daddy spoiled me and us, he made me feel like the most loved wife and new Mommy. 

On May 28, 2009 we found out we were having a baby girl!!  Your Daddy and I were sooo excited!!  We shared our good news with everyone, it was amazing to see you via ultrasound!  It was very apparent due to your positioning, so we were more than excited!!  At the time of this ultrasound I was 18 weeks pregnant!!

After we went to our ultrasound Tony took me to dinner and then we went together to pick out some baby GIRL clothes, of course cute little dresses and such!!  At 20 weeks I started to feel much better, the nausea started to subside, and you were moving around a lot!!  Your Daddy was very excited to feel you in my belly, but he would have to wait.   My belly started to grow and around this time I transitioned to maternity clothes...phew!!  


At this time, your handy dandy Daddy was helping to put together all your fun stuff, he was awesome, in seconds everything was assembled and ready for you to use.  Here are some pictures of your highchair and bouncer seat!  Around this time we also slipped in a little trip to Tahoe, it was fabulous as usual!!

At about 22 weeks, your Daddy finally felt you moving around, he had a big smile on his face, it made me smile also.  We started to work on your baby room around this time!  Your Daddy installed a closet system for you and we were happy to have the extra storage!!  Here are the before and after pictures!

On July 7, 2009 we were very excited, we had our 4D ultrasound, I was 24 weeks pregnant!!  We invited my Mom to join us, and I think she was as excited as we were to get to see you!!  Although your positioning was as usual not very good, we were all fascinated to see your heartbeat your hands moving around, your little feet, and your facial expressions!!  We got our first profile shot of you also, we were in awe!!

We started to really work on your room and plan when we found your dresser and changing table on Craigslist!  We decided to re-do the top to match your crib!  It turned out to be a fun project, and for our first time doing this, I think we did pretty well.  At this point I had your room scheme picked out!!  

You started to grow a lot around 25 weeks, and I expanded!!  We officially announced your name Bailey AguilarYour Dad and I had chosen your name long before we told everyone.  We loved it, both agreed on it, and thought it was a good chose.  We decided to not share it till now because we wanted to enjoy your name without any commentary from people, because you are our little girl, and therefore we can name you.  Overall when we shared your name everyone loved it, we did not care though if they did not.  We started to attend birthing classes, we both felt like if anything they opened our minds up to endless possibilities.  We enjoyed having another ultrasound at 27.5 weeks:

We had a fantastic Baby Shower hosted by your Aunt Laurie and your Grandma Sandy on August 8, 2009.  It was beautiful and the food was fantastic, Thank you to your Grandma Sandy and Farrin!!  Aunt Laurie and Grandma Sandy did a great job with the games, favors, and decorations!!!  Most of our family was there and it was a fantastic day!  You were spoiled and got soo many cute things!  You will be very stylish!!  

As we approached 31 weeks everything is going very smoothly and we are on track.  You are measuring on schedule and is a healthy little girl so far.  Your Dad and I enjoy feeling you kick and move around in my belly, seeing my belly “vibrate” and your kicking is funny, it makes us laugh!!  We feel fortunate that you are healthy and everything is going smoothly!!  Here is you and I at 31 weeks along!!

Your room has kept as a work in progress, I have always been into decorating, so I am sure your rooms will always be coordinated!!  We really hope you like it, both your Dad and I along with some friends have worked on your room.  Auntie Maddie and I made your curtains, and they are perfect!!  In September your Great Aunt Donna and Margaret threw a couples baby shower and thank you to Great Grandpa Thomas for using his home, it was a nice day and we enjoyed having fun! 

We soon found ourselves with less than a month till your arrival, we both were very excited.  I think at 37-38 weeks when you hit full term your Dad was ready to have you out!  I kept telling him to be VERY patient, you will come when you are ready!!  We finally finished your room and everything is set up and waiting for you to come!!  Here is your room:

Here are some photos of you and I from 35, 36, and 37 weeks!  I felt huge!  Although I had only gained about 11 pounds total!!  It is exciting to know you are growing healthy in your “Baby Bake Oven” or “Bailey Bake Oven” as your Daddy calls it!  Oh yeah, he also calls it the Baby house, Baby Condo, and graduating to Baby Mansion, this is your Dad though, he is always making me laugh!

Once we hit 38 and 39 weeks, I started to get uncomfortable, and honestly I am ready for you to come out.  I feel like I am expanded to the hilt now!!  I love feeling you, and your Dad loves to feel you move also!  We are VERY excited to meet you.  I have to admit that I am a little nervous, but that is to be expected!!  I hope you are healthy and that everything goes okay when you are born for both of us!!  Here is you and I at 38 and 39 weeks!!  

So as of today we have 2 days until your due date.  We are both very anxious for you to come.  Waiting is getting hard.  I will miss having you in my tummy, moving, kicking, rolling around.  I will miss your Daddy putting his hand on my belly everyday talking to you, and at night trying to feel you kick, which made him so happy.  We wonder every day what you will look like, who you will look like, but ultimately we know you will be our beautiful baby girl.  We hope that we can provide you a great life, and a happy one.  When you look back at this someday, we hope you will know that you are loved and that we are soo excited for you to come.  After all in the next week we will be a family, graduating from “Couple” to “Family”.  We are more than excited for you to meet your family and our friends, there are so many people here waiting for you to arrive.  I know that even though I will miss you being with me in my tummy for the last 9 months, the experiences that we will have after you are born are unforgettable and life changing.  I am excited to see all your firsts, especially seeing you with your Daddy.  I love your Daddy with all my heart and I know you will also, he is a great person.  We both can not wait to hold you in our arms, I know it will be love at first sight, I think that love at first sight really does exist.  We can not wait for your arrival Bailey, and just know you are loved!! 

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

39.5 weeks!!!

Oh my, I think I blew up!  That is how I feel not at least...Well this last week at our doctor’s appointment the blood pressure was a good 117/70, my doctor said I do not even need to worry or think about it again, thank goodness!  Bailey has a nice, active, and healthy heartbeat which is great!!  We are 1 cm dilated, well okay I guess this is progress.  Oh yes, and the swelling has come on full fledge!  Another 1-2 pounds gained putting me at 13-14  pounds.  Still okay, but the doctor thinks it is mostly retaining fluid, and by the looks of my hands and feet yeah... I think he is right!  He is not worried about any swelling as long as my blood pressure is good, so check check.  So I have to prop them up whenever I can, and rest a couple times a day, fun fun!  I am a busy body so Tony has to make me stop and then decides to take a picture...ha ha: 

So, yes this is me resentfully resting having a grand-ole-time!!  I am pretty uncomfortable, I have to say this week.  With my feet swelling I have “cankles” at the end of the day, my hands puff up, my lower back hurts, indigestion is often bad (something I have never had in my life), sleeping-ha ha and pressure pressure..ugghh...there all in one complaint!  Sleeping has become a bit overrated as I can not get comfortable whether it be from indigestion or cramping, bathroom trips every hour or soreness, if it is not one thing, it is multiple things...!  Like right now it is 4 am in the morning...and I just can not sleep, so catching up on my journal it is!  I will go back to bed though.  and I did get a couple straight hours in, so that is good.  It was funny bacause my sister had just asked me if I had any swelling and I was like “nope” and the next day, I swear...It happened.  Tony has been an awesome help putting up with all my complaining these past 2 weeks, I remind him that luckily we have been blessed this whole pregnancy with uneventfulness!!  We both think that I have carried this baby well, yea, a positive note.  Well I now get nightly foot massages and hand massages, which feel wonderful!  

Bailey is moving around a little less, but she has always been rather calm!!  I was soo happy, my Mom finally got to feel not only her hiccuping but her moving around and kicking (not her hardest kicks, but...It was cool!)!!  Laurie also got to feel her kicking around while we were out to dinner!!  She hiccups like 2-3 times a day, we feel bad for her, but I have read that it is good, I guess to hiccup your central nervous system must be in tack, and also the baby is practicing breathing!  So you go Bailey!  

This week my mom and I had a day to hang out, which was nice, we had lunch, then went to the fabric store.  We then went home and made some pumpkin cookies, yummy!!!

After that we made Bailey two bibs, they are soo cute!  I need to take a photo of them!!  Other than that, just doing last minute things, hanging out with Tony, and playing with Roxy girl!  She is a doll!  She is doing so well, Tony is teaching her to catch the frisbee right now, she is soo close!!  She is also staying at home by herself finally which is a BIG thing for us, we do not have to take her with us when we go!!  

Well we, are all packed and ready to go!!  Bailey, any day now!!  Amazing!   Oh yes, and tonight Tony and I went out to Borders and picked out our favorite books together for Bailey, it was very awesome to do that.  We picked The Pokey Little Puppy, The Hungry Little Caterpillar, Corduroy, Go Dog GO and many others.  Bailey has quite the book library, I think I need another basket for all her books, but Tony and I talked about it and you can NEVER have too many books!  Until next time...

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

38 weeks...

By the time you are 38 weeks pregnant, your baby is considered "full term." In other words, if your baby were born today, he or she would be considered a full-grown baby. At week 38 of your pregnancy, your baby is approximately 19 to 21 inches long from head to toe and can weigh nearly 7 pounds.  This is the scoop according to the websites this week!  

So what is fun going on this week (I am behind on writing so I will be writing from the future (ha ha!)  I went to my weekly doctor’s appointment this week, and boy what an exciting time.  So the usual weigh in...okay so total in my pregnancy I have gained 10-11 pounds  before this doctor’s appointment...well to my shock I go to step on the scale and I have gained another 1-2 pounds...okay so they do not care at all.   So I go in the room with the nurse as usual she asks the brigade of questions...swelling in the hands= no, swelling in the feet= no, Braxton hick contractions= not many, feeling okay= yeah as good as can be expected.  Then she goes to take my blood pressure, this is where everything goes downhill in the temporary moment...Now, my blood pressure has been perfect the whole pregnancy and even before, luckily I have just never had issues with it at all!  I usually run like 119/ 72 or so...So I relax looking out the rainy window at the hospital in which I will be delivering in listening to some kind of music that is bluegrass maybe, kind of loud (but my OB always has trendy music on--but this time, I can not take it!).  

So as the nurse is finishing taking my blood pressure she says quoting in her colombian accent, “Oh dear, this is not good”.  I say “What is not good??” I guess what else could it be, my Blood pressure.  Well I guess my blood pressure was like 127/99...I was like thinking are you serious?  So she decided to come back in 10 minutes, and I was thinking yeah, thanks for freaking me out and then you leave.  Okay think happy thoughts and watch the rain Cindy!  10 minutes passes and she comes back in... Okay so now she takes it and I do not remember the top number but the bottom number is 99!!  What the heck!!  She then asks me to lay down and relax, if I can...I tell her the music is bothering me, and she agrees, laughing.  Well to make a long story short they come back in 10 minutes again and take it this time the bottom number is down to 86, okay getting there but not there!!  They have me lay down again, telling me I can not leave until my blood pressure is good.  The last time they came in the bottom was down to 81, which they considered acceptable, not great.  but it had gone down so quickly that they considered it a big coincidence.  NO WORRIES!  Phew....  

When my doctor came in he said Bailey has a perfect heartbeat, which makes me smile!  That is all that matters!  Proceeds to tell me that it is a good thing that my blood pressure went down because not only would they not let me leave with it high, they would induce me then and there...ha!  Although it sounded tempting to hold a baby the next day :)!  He told me to REST, check my blood pressure if I think about it, to put my feet up, and take some small walks and he would check me next week.  Oh yeah and he checked me and no progress in the dilation world but she is head down and low.  Maybe next week!  Tony made me march to CVS that night and check my blood pressure, it was great as it continued to be all that week!  Yea!  

Needless to say, I should have halfway listened to my body, the night before I was agitated and had a weird feeling on the edge feeling, I felt my heart racing and could not relax, although I did not have the classic high blood pressure symptoms such as the headache and blurry vision... In the doctor’s office I had the same agitated feeling...luckily this has not come back!  Just FYI here is what WebMD has to say about blood pressure...

What Is "Normal" Blood Pressure?
There are several categories of blood pressure, including:

  1. Normal: Less than 120/80

  2. Prehypertension: 120-139/80-89

  3. Stage 1 high blood pressure: 140-159/90-99

  4. Stage 2 high blood pressure: 160 and above/100 and above

So I made my trips to CVS every morning, and borrowed my grandparents blood pressure  machine also, All is good thankfully! 

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

All Ready for Baby Bailey

So we have finally finished Bailey’s baby room (okay so I have two small things to add)!!  It is a little hard to get good pictures of the room, it is a little small.  We are really happy with the way it has turned out!!  I am pleased with all my Craigslist finds, you would never know many of the items in her room are used (the dresser, changing table, mobile, the sheer panel curtains, and the rocking chair!!)  The curtains that Maddie and I made, I think are a fantastic addition to the room, and when I close them up they make the room pretty dark.  We had fun putting the butterflies on her walls and the little creatures on her closet doors.  We think it is all ready for her, and hope she enjoys it :)!  Below are some photos we took as a tour for everyone to see:

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