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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Being a Mom Maa...

I am so very proud and excited...I just can not hold it in...

Bailey said Mom Maaaa (I write it like this because that is how she said it)!!  Yes!  It was in the car yesterday as we were driving she was complaining (go figure) to get out of her seat.  Then loud and clear she was like Mom Maaaa!!  My husband looked at me and we were like she just said momma.   That was the first time she said it well and understandable.  She makes a lot of "m" sounds but this was clear.  My husband then jokingly  said "That does not count because she only said it once!" Then proceeded to tell me that he was kidding!  

Then later in the day my husband was holding her at the family party we were at and she yelled out in front of everyone "Mom Maaaa"!  Everyone looked at her and said, "She just yelled Momma".  My face lit up with a huge smile and I told her she was the cutest thing in the world along with many kisses and hugs, she thought I was funny!!  

I know she does not know what she is saying yet, but I am sure proud.  She is growing up, and her Mom Maaaa  is forever proud.

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