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This Adventure, Our Life: We love you more everyday little one

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We love you more everyday little one

Bailey Kate,
I just wanted to tell you that when I thought I loved you the most I could, the next minute I love you more!  You have brought me soo many smiles, laughs, and much love.  Your Dad and I adore you, every single little thing about you.   We are enjoying watching you grow, and you are growing everyday.  Growing not just physically but mentally also.  We are trying to live in the NOW and enjoy the time we have with you and all the little moments.  We are trying very hard to not worry about all the little things and just enjoy you, and loving you.  Your smiles and your laugh melt our hearts.  We love your little eyes, they are beautiful blue, your little pink lips that are so defined, your round little face, and your cute little long hands!  We love being with you and we can not think of any better thing in life than being your Mommy and your Daddy.  Bailey, we love you more than anything (and that is a lot, our little baby).

Mommy and Daddy  

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