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This Adventure, Our Life: We Just Relaxed in the Sunshine...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Just Relaxed in the Sunshine...

We Relaxed in the Sunshine...
Bailey and I spread out our blanket today and had some quiet time in the sunshine
We both looked up at the sky, at the branches of our tree, with the leaves just growing, brand new
Whispering in the breeze, a beautiful song, we both were silent, just peacefully listening, quietly, we could here music in air
The rays of sun gently coming through the branches, filtering to our faces, the warmth

Peacefully sitting there, like there was nothing else at that moment that really mattered
because there was not
I let everything go, the cleaning, the house, work to be done, a to do list a mile long, 
because this is what matters in life

After several minutes Bailey looks over at me
Momma, are you not going to hold me?
That little face, I just can not say no

So I pick her up, and hold her, she puts her face against mine
I treasure the moment when I feel like we are one as we were before, not two
We can feel each other breathe and we snuggle
We play and then Bailey rests her little head against me

I never want to forget these times, when we are just quiet, peaceful and loving life
When times get hard and we are both tried, I want to remember how life should be
Who knows what will happen in the future, will we have moments again like this?
For now I know I love this little girl, I love her, 
with this incredible unconditional love that I never knew existed like this

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