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This Adventure, Our Life: Marvelous Mondays

Monday, March 22, 2010

Marvelous Mondays

It is Monday, and it is here, all too fast, and soo much to do...

On this Marvelous Monday, I am thankful for my hyper, energy filled puppy dog, Roxy.  Roxy has a special story.  I have always been a little strict with Roxy, but she is our world and a terrific Dog.  

You see, in August of 2009, we lost our Bella.  She was a great dog, an amazing dog actually.  I was pregnant with Bailey and Bella's death was a shock, nothing we were expecting as she was at the perfect doggy age of 5 years old. She was trained, we were preparing her for Bailey coming, and we loved her soo much.  If anyone loves their dog, they would know that this dog was our first furry baby.  She was a part of our family.  You can read about her HERE (sorry it is a link to our old blog as I am not finished transferring everything yet!!)  When she passed Tony and I knew we wanted a new dog.  It was a hard decision, do we get a new puppy now, later, when Bailey was a toddler?  No option sounded like a good idea.  

I started looking for a new puppy, I found Roxy.  She was 5 months old when we got her.  Click HERE to read about how we got her.  We do not know her whole story, but she is s shy and timid puppy.  She is the a great dog otherwise.  She loves Bailey more than I could ever ask her to.  She is amazing!  She loved Bailey from the moment we stepped into the house.  Right now as I type Roxy is letting Bailey pet her and terrorize gently pull her ears (and Roxy just looks at her and then gives her an I love you lick!)  Roxy is still learning to be gentle, she is definantely still a puppy.  I have to remind myself that she is not Bella and not 5 years old, she is one and a PUPPY.  She is trying to learn and trying to behave how we want her to.  

Thank you Roxy for filling a void, a special void, of the family dog.  Roxy, you take care of all of us, and like all dogs, have an amazing and unconditional love that we can only strive to have with everyone.

On this Marvelous Monday, I am thankful for Roxy, and all that she brings to our lives.
Do you have animal that you are thankful for?

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