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This Adventure, Our Life: Very Happy for my Best Friend!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Very Happy for my Best Friend!

When I was 9 years old my parents moved us from Northern California to Southern California.  My Dad had been commuting for a job and was only seeing us on the weekends, he was working very long hours and this was best for our family.  We moved to Ventura and started school in January of my fourth grade year (January 1990).  I did not know anyone, I was starting up school in the middle of the school year, and as I do not remember much, I know that I was scared.  Scared of a new place, scared I would not fit in and more scared because I did not know anyone.  

I meet a very special person at school on my first day.  This person welcomed me with open arms.  She invited me to eat lunch with her, play with her at recess.  All very big things when you are in school.  This person, 20 years later is still my very best friend.  We have had our ups and downs, but when I think of this person I just remember every fun and happy moment we have shared.  I wish I had my pictures scanned (and maybe I will add them later) of us always dressing like "twins", telling everyone we were sisters (cause we were you know), always swapping clothes, going over to each others houses whenever we could, going to girl scouts together, Medieval Times (how can I forget- we were all dressed up), yes there was also the russian singing, and of course Bobby McGees.  This person knows me well, we have watched each other grow.  Her friendship, no matter how long the gap, always picks up the second we left off.  

Now, we see each other often (not often enough).  I can say without a doubt she is my best friend, she always has been.  She really genuinely cares for the people around her.  She has taught me so many things.  

I was overly excited a few months back when she approached me and told me that her and her husband were going to be adopting a child from Rwanda.  I just remember almost crying and hugging her!  I knew something was going on when she called me and told me that we had to talk in person (we both are very busy!).  I am over joyed for her and her family.  I want nothing but good things for her.  She deserves to have the best.  I hope this process brings her much happiness and I am glad to be a part of it with her.  You can check out their adventure HERE.

I will always appreciate the day the girl with the beautiful long hair and dress came up to me and said, "Hello my name is Maddie, do you want me to show you around?"  Thank you Maddie for being my first friend here, my best friend.

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