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This Adventure, Our Life: Cloth Diapers On The Go

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cloth Diapers On The Go

To continue of our series of blog posts over the next weeks about Cloth Diapering we will be talking about Cloth Diapers on the Go!  We have already explored The Dreaded Laundry of Cloth Diapers (that is not so scary!), and we have touched on some of the reasons that I started to cloth diaper Bailey.  Topics to come will include Tips and Tricks from others, Several Guest Bloggers (if you are interested in being a guest blogger please email me) who will talk about their experiences cloth diapering in a Q &A format, we will talk to people who have been doing this for a while and those who have converted and we will be having a possible giveaway (cloth diapered related!), so stay tuned!  Also, if you have not checked out Diana's giveaway at her blog Hormonal Imbalances, you really should, it is out of this world!!

Before I start and as I have stated before: I am doing this series not to impose exactly what I do on everyone, but more or less to show people that it may be something they want to at least read about or look into.  I love cloth diapering, that is obvious, but my real mission is to introduce it to everyone who may or may not be thinking about it (and those of you who are already doing it- great job, share away on any tips or tricks you have!!).    There are certainly no right or wrong answers in cloth diapering, what works for one person does not work for another necessarily, so remember this... 

Please feel free to post questions, comments, or email me.  I will try to answer, or find a place to direct you to.  I am compiling a list of cloth diaper references, so check back for an updated list...

Okay, so today I will be talking about cloth diapering on the go! Where do you put the diapers while on the go?  What do you do?  Cloth Wipes on the go?  

So you are out, your baby is wearing cloth diapers, what do you do?  Well, you change them, just like at home!!  It is easy!  I took the pictures at home (but imagine Bailey in the car and on the go (yeah in the back seat where I usually change her!) 

1.  Start out with a happy baby on the go, who needs to be changed and well of course your diaper bag:

2.  There are soo many ways this can be done (please see some other variations below), I will try to tell you a couple!  Next I carry a small wet bag (or any small bag, I love Planet Wise, but any bag will work) with dry wipes, and two small bottles- one with wipe solution and another with water, and of course your clean diaper (so basically the small spray bottles are  the only difference from regular changing!!).


I purchased the little squirt bottles from Target, in the travel section.  Any ones will work!  These are the Under the Nile cloth wipes.  In regards to the wet bag, you can use any small bag, even a ziplock (just reuse it!).  

3.  Spray the cloth wipe multiple times with the water, and do one spritz of the cloth wipe solution.  For the solution I am using a pre-made concentrate (when I am using this same system at home I make mine because I can remember to change it every 2 days) but in the diaper bag I use the concentrate so I do not need to remember.  It lasts a while!  Many brands are out there California Baby and Thirsties have one to name a few.  Use wipes on the baby!  Also, I have found if I spritz Bailey again with the water it makes it easier!  Clean baby and diaper.

4.  Take used diaper and roll it up and put it in a wet bag (or whatever you want to use on the go).

5.  Return to a happy baby!  All done!!  When I return home I just take in both of m wetbags, undo the diapers and stick them in my wet bag to be washed, and re-stock all the wipe supplies!

Okay so the variations on this:  You could use your wet wipes on the go (pre-done that morning in a wet bag- they will only  be good that day!), you could also use your solution from the changing table (like Baby bits or one that you make yourself!- just remember these only last in the bottle for about 2 days or so).  I find keeping them dry is easy (you do not need to remember anything.  If you are worried keep a small thing of disposables for those emergency situations!!  Also, many Mom's just use water to wipe their children, so that can work and be very money efficient.  Instead of a water squirt bottle you can also use a water bottle (the type with the sports top works great! 

According to Cotton Babies you can save $800 dollars in wipes alone using cloth wipes from birth to potty training!  Not only that, cloth wipes are fabulous for wiping hands, faces, and bodies!  

Happy Wiping on the Go!!  Check back for more information in the next few weeks in our Cloth Diapering Series!!

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