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This Adventure, Our Life: Wordless Wednesday (Wordful)- I Wonder What You Think...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (Wordful)- I Wonder What You Think...

We spent some time outside, just you and I...
You love to roll around on the blanket

You love to look at the tree blowing in the light breeze and the blue very blue sky

Then you look over at me, and we stare into each others eyes and smile
We are meant to be together you and I

I look at you and think I want the world for you, everything.
Happiness, love, compassion, faith, belief, friendship and peace.
Then I remember we are here now,
and then I think of how beautiful you are,
how you are my little baby girl and
how very much I love you.

Then I wonder what you think...
What you dream about...

I know I think about you, and love you.
I know I dream about you, but you are here, now.

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