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This Adventure, Our Life: Month 4

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Month 4

Dear Bailey,
It has been 4 months since I had you, Bailey.  It seems like we have loved you forever.  I really am amazed by you everyday.  

Bailey you are doing soo well and learning new things every single day.  Things you have learned to do:  Roll from your tummy to your back, Roll from your back to your tummy, grabbing at everything ( to note Mommy's phone, people's hair, poor Roxy, and faces), playing with toys now, you talk all the time, you are now controlling your feet and playing with them, blowing bubbles, smiling all the time, laughing or cackling (although you have to be PRETTY FUNNY to get her to do this), watching everything around you and looking around, you are  noticing people around you, but is not yet really recognizing anyone except for your Daddy and I (and maybe your grandma, I think), you are trying to make raspberry sounds, you are trying to crawl, you love to stand up (with help of course) and you are now throwing full on tantrums when we take something away or when you get angry (yes, I know I thought this was tooo early but it is soo obvious when you see it!!).  

We have been up to a lot lately: going to play dates, cooking, doing arts and crafts, and well usual around the house stuff.  Bailey, you love to watch other little kids, you are drawn to them where ever we go!  Bailey, you are getting bigger everyday it seems!!  This month we had your 4 month check-up!!  You received her shots and was soo good about it, you cried and then once I picked you up she was alright again!  What a strong little girl (I think I was about to cry for you!)  You are doing great and the doctor says you are advanced (for now at least) on everything that you are doing for your age.  Here you are Miss Bailey before your shots, of course!!

Bailey you are moving everywhere!  I will put you on the floor and you are rolling everywhere!  You will go from your mat and I will find her 5 feet away in minutes.  You are trying soo hard to crawl, you are picking your bottom up and puling your legs in and trying to pull with your arms.  I think we will be seeing some crawling action very soon.  In the meantime, you continue to buildup your crazy abdominal muscles with baby pushups and baby crunches!  

Bailey you are in love with your doggy Roxy, and Roxy loves you also!!  You love to pull Roxy's ears all the time (and Roxy totally lets you torture her!!).  She is soo patient with you, little monster baby!  Bailey you are also gentle with her most of the time, you love to pet her.  Roxy will go lay with you while you are having floor time and you love it!!

Other things:  Cloth Diapering is going excellent!  We love them.  We have just had to start night diapering you, but otherwise all is well for both Tony and I!  So far so good, and we have not had to buy a single disposable for 3 months! (except for the 5 days on vacation- but seriously I should have brought the cloth time!)  We now have a couple different types of CD's (cloth diapers) in our rotation...we are using Bum Genius, Gro Baby, and Flips.  I think I like all three, although I really like the Gro Baby ones, so those may be my favorite!  The Flips are great but not so much now (newborn poop= yucky!).  We are diaper testers right now for The Natural Baby Co, can not wait to share what we have been testing, at first I was skeptical, but I really like it!!  I wish the sun would come out more because my inside clothes line takes forever!  We have already made several changes to be more environmentally friendly- cloth diapers, using canteens instead of bottles, most all of our household cleaners are environmentally safe, and we are trying to recycle everything.  There are still many things I want to be better about.  One of the big ones:  cloth wipes....I was being good about them and I want to add that habit back, because it is soo easy!!  I have been trying to change a little at a time!!  Not only are all these changes environmentally friendly, but they are cost effective, and well better for my baby!!

So back to Bailey, you are sleeping great in your own room and your own bed!  Yes, I am very happy about this (okay I still miss you!).  Bailey, you are doing good though, you go down to sleep without a fight at all, you are quite content...I nurse you, sing to you and you fall asleep.  Sleeping through the night, going to bed at about 8 pm with an early morning wake up-- somewhere between 5- 6:30 am.  You are not so great on the napping front, but we are working on that right now.  It is quite the fight right now, and that is just not so much fun.  I can not complain at all though, I am super proud of you!!  You wake up super happy with a big huge smile for me.  I love it.

Bailey we love all your little sounds, we even love your tantrums.  Your smile makes us smile.  Your laugh makes our hearts melt into pieces and puts the biggest smile on our faces.  You amaze us every single day with all that you are learning to do.  I hope you know how much your Mom and Dad love you, because we love you just that much, never forget it!!  

Auntie Laurie and Bailey

Daddy and his little girl

After bath time

I love my baby!

Bailey and her friend Kenzie

Bailey with her Boyfriend Nathan!

Bailey loves changing table time (especially with Daddy!!)

Love you to the moon and back,
Daddy and Mommy

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At March 7, 2010 at 8:10 AM , Blogger Adopting from Rwanda said...

She's such a cutie! Hope to see her and her parents soon! Bailey's gonna love looking at this blog someday!

At March 14, 2010 at 8:34 AM , Blogger *~(boom)~* said... she ever cute! My son is only a few weeks older. :) What a fun age.

At March 14, 2010 at 8:42 AM , Blogger Cindy said...

Thanks! It is a great age, and it is always just getting better!


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