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This Adventure, Our Life: Month 5

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Month 5

Dear Bailey,
I am typing this one handed as you take a nap on my chest.  It is the best thing in the world, being your Mommy little one.  I always wanted to be a Mommy growing up, I would watch my Mom and be like, yep, that is what I want to be.  You are growing so quickly!  I know I say this often but you are.  You are 5 months now, doing soo many new things.  Some of the things you have started to do:  sitting up (still wobbling around), you said "Mom Maaaa" for the first time and my heart melted into pieces; you are now very interested in toys, you love to grab things, touch everything; you marvel at the world around you, you like to look at everything when we are inside and especially while we are outside; you have quite the personality in the making, you now have many expressions; you laugh, yes, my favorite sound ever; your smile is continually gorgeous, it lights up the room; you have many new found noises and you use different pitches to get our attention; and the best yet, you are happy, such a happy baby.

Napping is not your thing yet, I am pretty sure you despise them unless you are sleeping on Mommy.  I have come to accept this, and although we still try, most of the time we just play all day.  You are a great sleeper at night though!  We read books every night before I put you to bed, you love to listen to books (and chew on them).  We are making it through only 1-2 books right now, because you want to nurse and you know that comes after we read! 

Right now you are growing bigger each day, you are getting longer.  You are now trying to crawl around, you just can not seem to get your arms and feet working at the same time.  You have though found out that if you roll enough you can make it across the room or just about anywhere you want to go, you are an expert roller!!  You can hold your head up and look everywhere now with no issue at all.  Sitting up is what you are working on right now, you are still very wobbly but it will be very soon!

You have started to pull tantrums, yes, tantrums!!  I do not know quite how to deal with this.  You cry hysterically till you get your way and I know what you are doing but you are soo tiny, usually I give in, but from time to time I let you cry.  Sometimes I even laugh (okay mommy laughs most of the time)!!  

You are now really starting to interact with the world and with us.  You have decided hitting me is a great way to get my attention, so you lightly tap my face when I am not giving you undivided attention!  Then you smile really big when I look at you.  You have also just started to really look for me when I come and go, you have always done this but now it is more apparent.  You laugh at us, smile at us, and carry on conversations with us.  Starting to see your little personality is more than awesome.

Cloth Diapering and cloth wipes are going great, we are still happy with our choice!  You now have learned to hold your legs up when we change you, it is soo cute!  Nursing is going great also, I love that time we spend together just gazing into each others eyes.  I am trying to enjoy those moments because I know things will change as you get older, so to me, there is no rush.    We have decided to hold off on solid foods for another month or two (6-7 months of age).  I guess I figure, what is the rush.  We are trying to approach things when we feel you are ready, not just because of you being a certain age.

We enjoy watching you take in the world, it just never gets old for you!  I hope you never lose the desire to explore the world around you.  There is soo much to see out there, and soo very much to learn about.  Sometimes as an adult we forget to stop and enjoy life, every part of it.  You help me to remember this everyday.  We love you soo much little girl and we always always will.  You are a beautiful little girl Bailey.  The love we have for you is not able to be measured, it is unconditional and larger than you know.


Love you to the moon and back,
Daddy and Mommy

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