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This Adventure, Our Life: Bathtime...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Bailey is not really fond of baths.  I have tried to make the water warm, play with her, bring out toys, the whole thing...she just hates it period.  So now we make bath time quick and painless until she decides it is fun this is how it will be.  

First I prepare the bath and get her in, making sure everything is all set out and READY to go:

Yep, this is just how much she LOVES the bath...
After the bath is done she is a happy baby!!!

Then we go to the play area on the floor where the toys are all out, there Bailey and I have play time, and she laughs and rolls around.  Bailey makes all sorts of noises and likes to share her opinions of bath time here.  I lotion her up and brush her hair, she loves this. She is spoiled and gets a baby massage, I wish I was her!!  

Then we travel up to the changing table to get her diaper back on and clothes on...she loves her changing table soo much!!  She is just relaxing.  Oh yes and she gets her binkie here...

And a binkie makes it all better... she knows after her bath she will get fed and then usually will take a short nap... that is the routine of bath time for Bailey.  Hopefully each time will bring more happy memories.

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