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This Adventure, Our Life: Lake Tahoe...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lake Tahoe...

We decided to pack up the car and head to Lake Tahoe for our first vacation as a family!  We decided to leave Wednesday morning FIRST thing after Bailey's morning feeding (which is usually at 5:00 am).  Well, she decided to wake up at 3:30, so I just went back to bed and we got up at 5 ish and by the time we finished packing everything, the dog, the baby and ourselves we were finally off on our road adventure!!  It usually takes Tony and I about 8.5 hours to get to my parent's condo, this time though it was quite the trip!  12 hours later we arrived.  Between stopping so I could nurse the baby, change her diapers, and let the dog out (not counting if we needed to use a restroom it was a loooonnngg ride!  I have to say though, that Bailey was awesome, she did not cry once on the trip (she slept and contently looked around).  Roxy accompanied her in the backseat, Roxy was also very good.  

We spent till Sunday relaxing, hanging out, and enjoying the snow!  Bailey did not much like the cold weather yet, she was a bit fussy even when she was bundled up.   Roxy was in love with all the new smells. Of course we visited Buffalo Wild Wings one day:   Bailey did not get to enjoy the buffalo wings with us!  

The weather was a little foggy, but we still enjoyed being up at the condo.  It is very peaceful up there.  Vacation was different for us this time.  One ALOT of packing to get ready (although I did not forget ANYTHING-yay!). Two, I think from now on vacation does not mean rest and relaxation with a baby (which I knew).  Three, we love showing Bailey the world, the trees, the lake, and beautiful places even though she is too young to fully appreciate it, she did have her eyes wide open and looking around.  We were very excited to have our first family vacation, we loved showing Bailey Tahoe and the lake.  We had a great time just playing around with Bailey!  We always hate to leave...Thank goodness the trip home did not take us 12 hours (only 10, so a little better!!)- would we do it again, yep in a heartbeat!! 
Here are some photos from our adventure:

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