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This Adventure, Our Life: My Baby

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Baby

Bailey is 3 months now!  She is changing everyday, I just can not keep up!!  She has the most amazing smile and is smiling all the time.  Just last week she started smiling way more often.  It was like two weeks ago I would have to do silly mommy noises and faces and she would smile, now she has a "gummy" smile all the time and even for people she knows.  I think she may even be starting to recognize people (other than Mommy and Daddy), she smiles everytime she sees her Grandma!  Bailey is now rolling from her stomach to her back, from her back to her side, she babbles constantly, she is grabbing at objects, and she even knows how to play baby piano on the iPhone!!  Tony and I notice that she is adding new sounds to her vocabulary daily and she actually is trying to imitate us often.  Bailey's favorite things right now are nursing of course, laying on her baby einstein mat, looking at the TV, time on her changing table, Daddy's ducky talk, laying on her back when we are talking to her, being walked around, standing up (not on her own of course!), she loves to sleep, and giving kisses (yes it is the most cute and best thing in the world!!).  Bailey does not like tummy time that her Mommy makes her do daily, she is not fond of naps at all although we are squeezing one in per day, and she does not like being bored!!  

New things we have been up to:  We joined a couple Mommy Groups, so that has been a fun experience.  We have also been getting together with a couple of my friends that have little ones, Bailey loves to watch other children, she is just all smiles (I think she secretly wishes she could walk already, no baby do not grow up too fast!).  

Bailey is an amazing little girl and the light of Tony's and my life.  She makes our days shine.  I am very fortunate to be home with her right now, I can not imagine missing out on her right now.  It is the best thing watching Tony and her interact now, she loves her Daddy.  Tony is excellent with her, he is very animated and EVERYTHING they do together is filled with sounds and playtime.  It is incredible to watch them play, Bailey you have a great Daddy!

As for me, I am in love with my little girl.  She makes me smile, laugh, cry, and I do not mind giving my all to her EVERY DAY.  My life has changed since I have had her, no doubt, it is much different, but honestly I would not change anything, not a thing.  Thank you Bailey for making your Mommy so happy everyday.  I love you little girl and always will.  You are amazing, never forget that my baby.

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