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This Adventure, Our Life: Starting 2010...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Starting 2010...

This last year has been full of fun and excitement for Tony and I.  In February we found out we were pregnant (yeah!); Bailey Kate was born in October; we had our first Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family and many other adventures.  There were also many hard things about last  year, losing our Bella was at the top for both of us.  When the New Year rolled in I began to think (as I do every year) about what I want to focus on this year.  Last year it was starting a family, going through a healthy pregnancy with little weight gain and several other things, Check check check.  This year I have many things on my list.  Maybe because now I have two of us to think about (oh yes and my husband :)! )  I do not really believe in resolutions per say, just goals all the time (which should change and evolve)  Here are my goals in no particular order...

  • Love my daughter and husband as much as possible
  • Continue exclusively cloth diapering!  (we have been doing it for about 2 months now- only using disposable diapers on vacation but other than that only Cloth Diapers)
  • Start being better about meal planning (this includes the shopping list and COUPONS and planning healthy meals.)
  • Spending time training Roxy everyday (and getting her out for walks...)
  • Exercising (getting moving every day-whether inside on the treadmill, a video, or walking outside, with friends or by myself).  
  • Keeping up on photos and the photo books (I keep the computer photos organized perfectly but printing them and putting them in books is another deal).
  • Blogging-not just keeping up on our family but writing about my thoughts, aspirations, and topics I am interested in...
  • Having a date night with my husband once a month
  • Organizing my house, getting rid of clutter (via Craigslist, Ebay, etc...)
  • Spending quality time with Bailey (we play everyday and I make sure she has my full attention- but not letting anything come before that!)
  • Joining a Mom's Group (so Bailey can meet other children and I can meet other mommies)
  • Working on practicing taking photos, I love to do this but I would like to be better at this, and I will add making sure I get videos of Bailey!
  • Making Bailey's baby food (or at least MOST of it).  Yes, I know many people will say oh yeah right, but they said that about cloth diapering and we feel it is the best choice we have made.  We will see.  
I can not begin to describe how in love I am with Bailey.  She makes me soo happy.  I thank my husband for allowing me to stay home with her, I can not imagine not being with her (okay so I do take breaks) :), she is amazing.  We have decided that we will make whatever sacrifices it takes.  We will probably not own a home anytime soon, or go on any far away vacations, be dressed in fancy clothing, and many other things, but those are not our priorities right now.  

2010 is sure to bring many firsts for us and new adventures.  We are excited to watch Bailey grow and grow.  There are so many milestones in 2010, first holidays, crawling, walking, talking and many other things!!  Cheers to 2010!

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