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This Adventure, Our Life: What, No Baby??

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What, No Baby??

Yes, the first time I went out without the baby!!! Tony had a Christmas party for his work, so we decided it would be the perfect opportunity for Bailey to stay with her Grandpa and Grandma Anderson. They were nice enough to come to our home, and let us have a nice dinner out before the party. Tony and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Piattiā€™s, I even had my first martini in I think about a year or more!! It was good! We then went to the party and had a great time out. It was great to have some couple time. It felt weird not having to think about taking care of Bailey! It was the first time since Bailey has been born that I actually put time into getting myself ready (and Bailey was NOT A HAPPY CAMPER AS THIS HAPPENED!!) It was really nice because I did not have to worry about Bailey at all. I trust my parents with her all the way! So when we got home we were soo happy to see Bailey! I guess she was a good girl for my parents, so that is a good thing!

Thanks Mom and Dad, we had a terrific time!!

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At January 22, 2010 at 2:58 PM , Anonymous Nadia Reed said...

u look great!


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