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This Adventure, Our Life: Candy Making

Friday, December 18, 2009

Candy Making

“My favorite food memory as a child would have to be my Mom making Christmas candy. My parents did not have a lot of money when I was growing up, so making christmas candy became a gift for everyone. Every year a couple weeks before Christmas she would make homemade fudge, english toffee, pralines, chocolate balls (which consisted of a very rich chocolate with the consistency of soft fudge rolled in coconut or nuts), and sugar cookies. I remember watching her make all these and wanting to help, taste, and roll the chocolate balls. The smells are what I remember most vividly, of cooking chocolate, the sugar boiling, of butter (I mean who doesn’t love this smell!), and tasting everything after she was done. Now, I have continued the make all this candy also, and every time I do, I remember when I was younger. That is the amazing part of food and our senses. I hope I can now share this tradition with my daughter and family.” (This is my exert on Gaby’s website, she asked us to write about our favorite holiday food memory; her website is: she has some awesome recipes so check it out!)

I got the chance to make candy with my Mom this year!! I was very excited. It was great to have a lot of help, because with Bailey who knows what would get done. We had a great time and accomplished a major load of goodies. We made English Toffee, Fudge, French Chocolate Balls, Spritz Cookies, and a batch of Gingerbread Men, and bears (for my Dad :)!) We had a fun day and took a break to go to lunch. I LOVE hanging out with my Mom, and with Bailey also!! Here are some pictures from our day:
Disclaimer: Baby did not receive any chocolate (my mom would be the last one to feed her that, LOL!!) She was interested in it all though!!

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