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This Adventure, Our Life: Bailey's First Christmas!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bailey's First Christmas!!

This year was extra special for us filled with much meaning. Unlike other years where it was mostly about us, this year was all about Bailey, as every year from now on (and of course any other babies we have). Bailey was like my Christmas present that I have wanted for a little while now, so it was really unreal to have her here with us. We did not get each other gifts this year, with the economy, our bills from living and Bailey’s birth, the income difference with me staying home, and well just lack of money we decided to play it low. We really made an effort to cutdown everywhere. My brother, Farrin, Laurie, Tony, and I agreed not to exchange gifts ( I mean what do we need anyways, right!! We all agreed to go out to dinner together--spending time together is better than a gift, the only problem, we still need to do it!!!). On Christmas Eve Tony and I had a nice breakfast together and then headed to my parents for our traditional tamales, beans, rice, and all sorts of yummy food. It was a nice night, it was wonderful having my brother and sister there.

We woke up Christmas morning at like 8 am, OH MY Bailey had slept 8 hours in a row and so had I, thank you Bailey, what a great present for Mommy!! Bailey is an excellent sleeper, so usually she sleeps 6-8 hours in a row, I am very very fortunate!! We all hung out in the bed together, mostly Tony and I marveling at Bailey and her cuteness. Then we headed out to the tree where Santa had brought Bailey “binkies” (Thanks Santa for saving our ears!!). We had a special stocking made with Bailey’s name on it, Santa left her some bath toys, and other little things. Bailey also had MANY other gifts!! She got soo many things!! She got a Doggy named Violet that says her name and sings about her (programmable by USB cord), I think it is soo cool!!

We opened all of Bailey’s presents, then we headed over to my parent’s house! They were excited to see Bailey (as they are EVERY time :)!!) We had an awesome and huge breakfast and then opened presents. Bailey was spoiled this Christmas! So not only did she get all the above fun toys, but she got an exersaucer!! I am soo excited about this one, I have heard that children LOVE them and I hope for a break to get somethings done while she is happy and playing!

We then headed to my Grandpa and Grandmas home (Bailey’s Great Grandma and Grandpa) where we visited and enjoyed some time, we also visited her Uncle Steve and Aunt Stephanie later that day! Bailey got to visit her cousins there, she loves when Sierra and Elaina hold her! It is really neat that Bailey has her Grandparents Anderson soo close, Great Grandpa John, Great Grandparents Anderson, Great Grandparents Woodyard, all of who she has met!! Bailey also has many aunts and uncles who all love seeing her, and many people who have “adopted” her :)! It was nice having family time on Christmas, just hanging out. It was special having Bailey with us even though she was not old enough to really understand. Christmas is about family, about love, and being together, we feel blessed to have all of these things!!

Bailey we hope you enjoyed your first Christmas and can not wait for the years of fun times to come!! We are sure there are many memories to be made!

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