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This Adventure, Our Life: 38 weeks...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

38 weeks...

By the time you are 38 weeks pregnant, your baby is considered "full term." In other words, if your baby were born today, he or she would be considered a full-grown baby. At week 38 of your pregnancy, your baby is approximately 19 to 21 inches long from head to toe and can weigh nearly 7 pounds.  This is the scoop according to the websites this week!  

So what is fun going on this week (I am behind on writing so I will be writing from the future (ha ha!)  I went to my weekly doctor’s appointment this week, and boy what an exciting time.  So the usual weigh in...okay so total in my pregnancy I have gained 10-11 pounds  before this doctor’s appointment...well to my shock I go to step on the scale and I have gained another 1-2 pounds...okay so they do not care at all.   So I go in the room with the nurse as usual she asks the brigade of questions...swelling in the hands= no, swelling in the feet= no, Braxton hick contractions= not many, feeling okay= yeah as good as can be expected.  Then she goes to take my blood pressure, this is where everything goes downhill in the temporary moment...Now, my blood pressure has been perfect the whole pregnancy and even before, luckily I have just never had issues with it at all!  I usually run like 119/ 72 or so...So I relax looking out the rainy window at the hospital in which I will be delivering in listening to some kind of music that is bluegrass maybe, kind of loud (but my OB always has trendy music on--but this time, I can not take it!).  

So as the nurse is finishing taking my blood pressure she says quoting in her colombian accent, “Oh dear, this is not good”.  I say “What is not good??” I guess what else could it be, my Blood pressure.  Well I guess my blood pressure was like 127/99...I was like thinking are you serious?  So she decided to come back in 10 minutes, and I was thinking yeah, thanks for freaking me out and then you leave.  Okay think happy thoughts and watch the rain Cindy!  10 minutes passes and she comes back in... Okay so now she takes it and I do not remember the top number but the bottom number is 99!!  What the heck!!  She then asks me to lay down and relax, if I can...I tell her the music is bothering me, and she agrees, laughing.  Well to make a long story short they come back in 10 minutes again and take it this time the bottom number is down to 86, okay getting there but not there!!  They have me lay down again, telling me I can not leave until my blood pressure is good.  The last time they came in the bottom was down to 81, which they considered acceptable, not great.  but it had gone down so quickly that they considered it a big coincidence.  NO WORRIES!  Phew....  

When my doctor came in he said Bailey has a perfect heartbeat, which makes me smile!  That is all that matters!  Proceeds to tell me that it is a good thing that my blood pressure went down because not only would they not let me leave with it high, they would induce me then and there...ha!  Although it sounded tempting to hold a baby the next day :)!  He told me to REST, check my blood pressure if I think about it, to put my feet up, and take some small walks and he would check me next week.  Oh yeah and he checked me and no progress in the dilation world but she is head down and low.  Maybe next week!  Tony made me march to CVS that night and check my blood pressure, it was great as it continued to be all that week!  Yea!  

Needless to say, I should have halfway listened to my body, the night before I was agitated and had a weird feeling on the edge feeling, I felt my heart racing and could not relax, although I did not have the classic high blood pressure symptoms such as the headache and blurry vision... In the doctor’s office I had the same agitated feeling...luckily this has not come back!  Just FYI here is what WebMD has to say about blood pressure...

What Is "Normal" Blood Pressure?
There are several categories of blood pressure, including:

  1. Normal: Less than 120/80

  2. Prehypertension: 120-139/80-89

  3. Stage 1 high blood pressure: 140-159/90-99

  4. Stage 2 high blood pressure: 160 and above/100 and above

So I made my trips to CVS every morning, and borrowed my grandparents blood pressure  machine also, All is good thankfully! 

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At February 11, 2010 at 5:53 PM , Anonymous Cynde Kasperovich said...

I like your smile in this picture...cute!
maybe you had that on the edge feeling and your blood pressure went up because you are anxious about the impending arrival of the baby? sounds like a little anxiety attack, that sound normal to me. Take care!


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