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This Adventure, Our Life: Taking Care of Business (Awards) and MORE!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Taking Care of Business (Awards) and MORE!

VOTE FOR BAILEY + be entered in a GIVEAWAY!! (and let me know in the comment): HERE (to see info about contest and giveaway, click here)
ALL you need to do: 
Click above 
Click "Vote for me" 
Type in question/ phrase exactly as seen (Has to be exactly as seen) 
Then if vote went through, it will say Thank you for your vote...

I was tagged by Dawna at Hiccups in Time! This was actually my first time being tagged. I think what I'm supposed to do is go to the 8th folder in my photo folder, then the 8th photo, and explain the picture (Oh no, this is going to be an oldie!!)

Okay, so I have MANY photos (and did not take Digital till later, film people film!!)...This one is from April 2001.  We were in Mammoth with my parents.  We were not married yet, but had been dating for about 4 years... We were just getting ready to hit the slopes skiing for the day!  It was a great day.  At this time I had known Tony for 7 years :)  of course for the first 3 years we pretty much disliked each other, go figure, a story for another day!

Dawna from Hiccups in Time , Amy from Marvelous Mommy and Jenny at I'm a Full-Time Mummy have also awarded me the Versatile Blogger award!  

I will pass this one on to:

Amy at Marvelous Mommy also awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award

I will give this one to:
LeQuan @ luvtoeat
Christina @ Finally Mom

Christina at Finally Mom also awarded me The Happy 101 Award

I will give this one to:
Alysha @ The Tarr Pit
Laura Jane @ Call Me Laura Jane

To read about me you can go HERE and HERE

I also wanted to send a Thanks out to Laura at Melodramommy for mentioning me HERE.  If you have not check out Laura's Blog, you should.  It is hilarious!!  You will not be disappointed!!  

Thank you also to Diana at Hormonal Imbalances for the nice words HERE.  I appreciate it.  Thank you for being a great blogging friend.  I look forward to reading your blog every day!  

Okay and that my friends is all! 
Now, go vote for Bailey, she needs votes!!

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