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This Adventure, Our Life: The Unaffordable Onesie!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Unaffordable Onesie!!

So my crafting adventure started out with making freezer paper stencils for onesies with my friend Suzanne. What is turned into was being able to have my unaffordable onesie in a different manner.  

Okay so on Etsy there are these ohh soo cute onesies that say 5 months, 6 months, etc... and I wanted them for Bailey really bad.  I mean really bad.  But they ran like $40.00 plus for 1-6 months and another $40.00 plus for the 7-12 months as seen HERE.  I do not by any means want to de-value the time and skills of the maker because they are beautiful, and if I had the money maybe I too would buy them but right now, they are too expensive.  So I accepted that Bailey would not have them and just took regular monthly photos as seen HERE.

So a little about the freezer paper method (thank you to Suzanne):

1)  Take freezer paper (bought in the grocery store) and trace any pattern onto it, either something you draw by hand, print off the computer, etc... 

2) Using an exacto knife cut out the parts you want to paint in.  

3) Iron it onto the onesie (make sure to iron on any little pieces inside- also a note: cutting stickers or masking tape out works great for blocking paint out of the small little spaces when making letters and designs).

4) Paint anywhere you want paint with fabric paint.

5) Peel stickers off (or wait till the end if you want them white)
6) You can use stencils to do other shapes on top, and presto!!
**It works best to wash the onesie first.

This is how it turns out, I think it looks pretty nice (I messed up a little on one part, but ohwell!).  Instead of costing a lot, it only cost a couple dollars for the onesie and a couple for the paint (which I will use many times).  I will do different designs every month with the same font lettering and placement.

These are some other ones I did: (the intricate one is done with stencils)  I am still working on some others (and one that is not pictured has a "B" for Bailey on it!).  My other ideas: a skyline with buildings (the architectural side in me), a present for a baby shower (another name shirt), and some possible chinese letters (like peace, dream, etc...)

Also that day we made some $2.00 "Baby leg warmers" from knee socks from Target:  That was fun, but I still need to sew the bottoms (maybe next week, they are super cute though and cheap!!) All you do is get the knee socks and cut the bottoms off and hem them, that is all, so easy!

Here is a picture of Suzanne's youngest son Baby Bug and Bailey; he is her little boyfriend, well one of a couple :) !!

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