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This Adventure, Our Life: Goats in the sky, Oh my!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goats in the sky, Oh my!

photo by Suzanne @ Noodle & Bug

See I told you goats in the sky!!  And you really just thought I was making it up or I was just well, crazy!  Bailey had a play date this last week at the Underwood Family Farms in Somis (  Even though Bailey is small she enjoyed looking at all the animals and seeing all the children running around!  She even got to visit her little boyfriend Nathan, his brother Lucas, and her friend Kenzie!  We enjoyed feeding the animals (there was one goat who refused my carrot, can you believe that and then I offered him another and he took it- funny goat!), having some blanket time with all the other children, and walking around in the sunshine. Yes, it was a nice 70 degree Southern California day!  Here are some pictures from our day:  

Later that day we decided to enjoy to frozen yogurt with Rachel and Kenzie!  Oh how I needed some chocolate yogurt and it hit the spot.  Just writing about it makes me want it, so bad.  But yummy!!  It was a great day! (Bailey wants to say she is a bit mad that she does not get to enjoy frozen yogurt with us!!)

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