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This Adventure, Our Life: Frantic Cries=??

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Frantic Cries=??

The Scene:  Since Bailey thinks taking naps are over rated she plays by herself everyday for just a little while I do the dishes, or shower or anything else that HAS to be done and is overdue.  Today I decided Bailey could sit in her bumbo chair with her toys and play while listening to music.  This is how I leave her: happy, content, and ready to play.

Right, well I go in the kitchen and I am there for maybe 5 minutes, washing dishes when I hear loud LOUD cries.  Not Bailey's usual cries but her "hurt" cry (well I thought, she has me totally fooled).  I run (seriously) into the living room with every bad thought going through my head, at this point I am thinking her leg is caught on something, she has rolled over, her hand is squished, or she has poked her eye!!

But no, I run into this...

Yes.  Bailey is throwing a tantrum.  Throwing a tantrum because she threw her toys off the tray.  Nothing is wrong, hurt, stuck, or pinched.  I guess though I will always come running because you never know, but maybe not as fast (laughing).  Of course as I came in she was screaming looking straight at me (like I was the blame for this) and I of course had to grab my camera to capture this moment, oh yes, and I think I was laughing, no, I was laughing.

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At March 10, 2010 at 9:17 PM , Blogger My Life As Mom said...

HA HA I laugh because my son would do the very same thing!!!


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