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This Adventure, Our Life: Bailey is sleeping in her own room!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bailey is sleeping in her own room!

Before Bailey was born I thought that I would wait until 6 months to move Bailey to her own "Big girl room".  Well, she is in there now at 3 months.  Tony and I decided to move her to her own bed because she is to the stage where EVERY new sound is waking her, and she is very interested in watching us and often will not go to sleep without me going to bed.  I think Bailey's transition was rather painless.  The first night was a little rough and I thought that she was going to regress in her good sleeping habits.  Now I can not complain at all because Bailey sleeps awesome (as of now!), she sleeps 8-10 hours every night, waking only in the morning between 5-6:30 am.  The baby websites say she is just about right on par for sleeping hours.  The first night we moved her to her crib she woke up every 2 hours all night long.  I told Tony that if that continued than she would be back in her little bassinet in our room very soon.  The next night and on she went back to her normal sleeping hours in her room!  

The night that we transitioned her to her room I was a bit nervous.  I mean I was not quite ready for this yet (I know I know).  I was sad.  I love having her sleep in her bassinet next to our bed, if anything every happened she is always close to us...I mean not to be paranoid but bad guys, earthquakes, fires, SIDS, ugghhh.   I did not sleep well for the first several nights.  Also, I miss listening to her breath, it is the best sound on earth.  A lot of people move their babies because they are not sleeping well or because their baby is not sleeping well, but in our case we were all sleeping fine.  Some pros of her sleeping in her own room is that now I put her down and I can go and do my stuff for awhile, she sleeps, we do not have to be quiet getting ready in the morning, she is now napping (well when she actually naps) in her crib, and well it is the next step in the process of many.  I do not know, in every other country kids sleep in the rooms with their parents and it is okay, and here well we just do not do that.  I miss her, I know silly Mommy.  

One thing that we purchased that has put my mind at ease is her baby video monitor.  I have a 6 inch screen in my room with sound.  Here is my view all night (or when I click it on!)

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