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This Adventure, Our Life: 36 and a half weeks...

Friday, October 2, 2009

36 and a half weeks...

By this week of pregnancy our baby's crown-to-rump length reaches about 13.5 inches and the total length is approximately 20.7 inches. Your baby weighs about 6 pounds now.  This is the Baby Center’s update on 36 weeks!  I am now going to the doctor now every week.    It is amazing how much my body has changed in the past week or so!!  I am now sore moving certain ways, actually cramping up.  I now as of this week can barely bend over.  I have become totally reliant on Tony for everything under 42” tall... He is a great sport about this and tends to whatever I need.  We are both getting very excited!!  I think Tony is ready for Bailey to come now, I told him he has to wait a couple of weeks :)!  I am glad for his excitement!!  We are almost finished with Bailey’s room and have everything ready for her arrival.  We have began to pack our bags for the hospital.  Tony installed the car seat in the car also, it took him a couple minutes literally!!  We feel ready although we do not quite know what we are in for.  Hard work with lots of love, hopefully!  I am getting a little nervous about delivery and pray that Bailey is healthy and arrives safely.  I know this is not up to me to control though.  I love to feel her move around inside of me, I will miss this, so I am enjoying and savoring all her moves!  I will always remember the first time I felt her, I had the biggest smile on my face, I was soo happy, and the first time Tony felt her move and we both just looked at each other, we made her and she is ours, amazing.  We have enjoyed all the firsts we have had along this path, it is fantastic.  On a funny note, Bailey has has the hiccups twice a day now and for a while, poor thing!  Well until next time!!  

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At February 21, 2010 at 9:31 PM , Anonymous Brooke said...

So exciting!

At February 21, 2010 at 9:31 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

Yay! Almost there! You look great Cindy, I love the picture of you and Tony, you guys look so happy. :)


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