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This Adventure, Our Life: Avila Barn and San Luis Obispo for the afternoon!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Avila Barn and San Luis Obispo for the afternoon!!

Fall is coming and Halloween is almost here and for Tony and I (and soon to come Bailey) this means a yearly trip to Avila Barn.  Since in school in San Luis Obispo, Tony and I started a tradition of picking our pumpkins out at the barn (we never need an excuse to go here!!).  So on Saturday we headed out midday, and went to our most favorite lunch spot Firestone BBQ and grabbed an awesome lunch!  Tony is IN LOVE with this place!!  The tri-tip sandwiches are the best we have had, one of the places we miss in San Luis Obispo among others!!  

We had a great lunch, just the 2.5 of us, outside!!  Tony also is in love with their onion rings!  We then headed off for the Avila Barn!  I have written in other posts about the Avila Barn, it is a special place, and we love to go there.  Tony and I can not wait to take Bailey to the barn!!  Here are some pictures I took at the barn:  

We both had a terrific time, we choose some huge pumpkins, and a small mini one for Bailey!  We got some fresh fruit, candy (yummy!), and a variety of nuts.  We had a great trip, and can not wait to carve our pumpkins (if Bailey has not arrived yet and if we have time).   Cheers for now, and hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of FALL!!

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At February 21, 2010 at 9:00 PM , Anonymous Aunt Sheila said...

This place looks like a great place to go! i'm going to look in to it for a day trip, i had never heard of it :) Looks like fun . xoxo Aunt Sheila


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