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This Adventure, Our Life: A Proud Daughter

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Proud Daughter

Ever since I was a little girl my Dad has been there for me.  He has always made sure his family was taken care of, even if it meant he would be working all hours and days.  He made it possible for my Mom to stay home with us as we were growing up.  I have always been very proud of my Dad, we may not always get along, but I know if I need something or when it comes down to it, he is there.  He always tries hard to make sure we all have everything we need.  He helped all 3 of us get through college (we all have degrees now, with thanks to my Dad and my Mom).  He has helped me countless times to pursue my career aspirations.  He encourages me to set high goals for myself and to never give up.  I speak my mind thank you to his influence.  Although sometimes that is well, just an okay trait!  He has become a amazing grandpa with Bailey!  We appreciate his help more than we can thank him.  

In the past year he has embarked on the road to becoming fit, and losing a lot of weight.  I am more than thrilled with his success, because this is a long journey, and a hard one to embark on.  He has been working really hard at it.

Today, Bailey, Tony, and I went to watch him run a 10K (6.2 miles).  
We waited at the finish line, and were proud to see him run through.  
Congratulations Dad, thanks for always being a great Dad.

Coming to the finish line

Way to go Dad!

Left is Thomas my cousin with My Dad

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