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This Adventure, Our Life: The Beautiful Ocean and Little YOU

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Beautiful Ocean and Little YOU

Your first trip to the Beautiful Ocean...
We went to the beach as a family for the first time.
Your Dad and I love the ocean and the sand.
You experienced the first time dipping your little elegant feet in the water.

You were very curious, as you usually are, about everything around you.
The funny thing was you kept sticking your tongue out to taste the ocean air.
How was it? Fresh and salty?
You truly did not know what to think of the cold ocean water.
It probably is soo much different than your little pink bath tube at home.
Much cooler, I am sure.

Even though you cried when the water hit your feet and stayed,
you were perfect.
You loved squishing the sand between your toes.

We took turns letting you experience the water.
It was a sunny day, with a gentle breeze.
It was amazing.  Simply beautiful.

Bailey, if you only knew, our love for you is deeper than the ocean.
And that is pretty big little girl.

You even spent a couple minutes taking in the sunshine.
Only a little bit of it.
The sunshine was warm.

We hope that you will grow to appreciate the beauty of life.
How can you not, when you look with pure bliss,
 out where the sky and the water meet.
Until next time.

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