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This Adventure, Our Life: Books, Books, Books!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Books, Books, Books!

Both Tony and I love to read books to Bailey!!  We try to read to her everyday.  Bailey loves to look at the colors, and eat the books!  We like to think she also likes to listen to the story.  She does not yet have a favorite book, although she loves when the story rhymes and when we make the reading animated.  She will usually make it through anywhere from one to four books per night, and in the day one to two, because there are more distractions of course!  Her favorite time to listen to books is at night.  Sometimes she will even laugh at us, but mostly it is her time to unwind before she goes to bed.  We love to read to her, and will always make time for stories before bedtime!  We hope that Bailey grows up to love books and everything they have to offer!!

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