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This Adventure, Our Life: Oopsy Daisy

Monday, April 12, 2010

Oopsy Daisy

We have a sitter now (no, not a sitter, the one that watches your child, right), Bailey is now sitting up!  As a proud Mommy I feel the need to write about this.  Bailey is also really proud of herself, as she looks around the room in a new view.  Now, she is not really sturdy though which requires quick hands and careful watching!  A week or so ago we were sitting playing on the ground as we do everyday.  We were playing with her very favorite toy, the beloved Sophie the Giraffe (check out this post HERE for more Sophie lovin!) and here is how she went dowwwnnnn....

Poor Bailey, Poor Sophie (take a look at where Sophie ended up...squash!)  Do not worry she did not fall hard because Mommy caught her halfway!!  This week she is doing much better on the sitting front, we practice it every day (but I cannot sit too close of she just leans back for me to hold her, smart one!!)  Sometimes she is not too happy with her new found trick!

Oh yes, and look what she loves to do: (sorry about the not so great photo!)

Oh my, Oh my...Bailey, just slow down a little so Mommy can catch up with you, okay??

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