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This Adventure, Our Life: WW- What the Ergo is Really Made For!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WW- What the Ergo is Really Made For!!

We decided to go bowling, and how do you bowl with a 6 month old baby?  Like this, you see...

And you may say, well you can not bowl with a baby, well, look at here:

Yes, the C is for Cindy and I did get the "X" which is strike!!  Very proud, with a 14 pound baby in an Ergo on me, there...

Speaking of the Ergo pack, we are pretty convinced we know what the front pocket on the Ergo is for:

And you thought is was to put the cover/ hood in, well you were missing out!
Because it is not at all for that, it is a "fancy schmancy beer/ drink holder"!  I mean come on, every Momma needs one once in a while, whether alcoholic or not!  Now if I could fit my wine glass in there, I would be made. {laughing}.

And Bailey, she is quite embarrassed by her parents!  Or just tired?!

Okay, well she is tired, and get this, she slept through my last rounds of bowling, simply amazing, I wish I could sleep with this much peace!  

We had a great time!  Bowling with a baby, this is how we roll :)
I think we have taken babywearing to a whole new level!!

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